We seek to deliver 100% customer satisfaction across all orders: from 1-page letter to 1000-page operations manual. How we manage to do that? We engage only best translators, only best editors and talented managers, who help make your projects work for you. You get a dedicated manager. These managers are always ready to help you solve any issues you might have, they have an in-depth understanding of your needs and expectations and continuously monitor the progress for your projects.

We use CAT software and Alisa TMS to enable smooth and structured project management for your translations.

This is a unique procedure to manage translation projects. Almost nobody else does it like that, because it’s too hard and requires a smooth and coordinated work of all teamsters at once.

These are the main stages for any translation project:

- You Identify Your Needs

You and your dedicated manager develop a suitable project structure.

- We Translate 20% of Your File

You get the translation of the 20% from your file and the glossary. You can ask the guys from the office, for which the translation is being done, to review the glossary and incorporate any changes needed.

- We Translate 80% of Your File

You get any comments or questions from our translators and editors. We deliver the completed translation.

- We Make Changes Based on Your comments

If you have any comments, we are always ready to make any needed changes to the translation free of charge.

Our main competitive advantages are moderate pricing and pools of highly qualified translators. We only engage the best technical translators, who have +5Y experience in your field and excellent references.

We use CAT software in order to ensure consistency in terminology and reuse any repeating sentences in your translations. This way, you don’t have to pay for any repetitions in your documents.

How do we find translators?

. . .

We manage large pools of translators across all major language pairs and fields. Whenever needed, we are always ready to contact our partners across the globe to find a translator just like you need in just a couple of minutes.