Bring Products to Local Communities

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We provide the full range of localization services, including translation and other tasks. Translation is the main component of any localization process. We have helped hundreds of companies to localize their IT products, including websites, games, apps, and much more.

You are always sure to get the best localization services from Worder, as we engage only the best translators worldwide and always edit all translations, making sure that we account for all national subtleties.

We are proud to provide services to hundreds of companies, who need to localize their products across multiple foreign markets. They need to translate documents and user interfaces simultaneously into several dozens of languages. This is truly a hard task for a company that has no in-house translation department. We always deliver high quality by using CAT software. You will get a dedicated manager, who will always keep tabs on the progress in your project, help you communicate with translators/editors teams and, if need, make corrections to the translation in order to improve it even more.

Localization: Main Challenge

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Providing localization services requires a unique set of skills, shared by a global team of managers. They need to be able to track several sub-projects at the same time, correctly setting up free floats and total floats in order to meet deadlines. Localization services include scheduling, sequencing, communicating between teams and making sure that every project is a success – these tasks are not easy.

In order to automate processes as much as we can we use professional CAT software and translation project software. This way, we are always ready to delivery top-notch localization services, meet deadlines and provide high quality of our services.