Worder provides certified translation services and can arrange for engagements of court certified interpreters.

When do you need to obtain a certified translation?

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You may need to obtain certified translation in order to submit documents to foreign government bodies, courts or regulators. Every day, we work to deliver high-quality certified translations to our customers around the globe, including submissions to various agencies, including SEC, WTO, USPTO and FDA.

We can help you to obtain certified translation for virtually any documents.

Here are the most common types of documents, for which we provide certified translation services:

Legal documents

Regulatory documents

Immigration documents

Transcripts and diplomas

Medical records

Financial documents

There are various types of certified translation services. We can help you navigate these procedures in a smooth and easy manner. The best advice is to contact the agency, to which you are going to submit the information and ask them as to which type of certified translation you might need.

Certified translation includes the following types:

Certified translation with certification from translation company

Notarized translation


Do you need a court-certified interpreter?

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Worder is always happy to help you find needed court-certified interpreters across Russia and other countries. We have large pools of interpreters with specializations in particular fields.