Worder provides top-notch translation, transcription, interpreting services for multiple customers around the globe. We deliver projects in over 100 languages.

We always work hard to identify the need and expectations that our customers have. Then we set realistic objectives for our teams, because under-delivery is not acceptable. We never over-strain our teams. Loving your job is as important as making good money.

We provide high fees for our teams, enabling us to recruit and retain talented professionals.

We offer moderate prices as compared to larger language services providers (LSPs).

What makes us different

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Moderate pricing, love for what we do and talented dedicated managers, enabling you to deliver on most complex business projects. Besides that, we always seek to account for your needs and expectations and adapt our project management structures.

Why should you choose Worder as your provider of translation services?

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These are 3 main reasons:

- Only best translators

- We always edit all translations

- We offer moderate pricing

What types of documents do we translate?

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We manage large-scale pools of translators/editors across major language pairs and fields. So, we are always ready to take on virtually any types of documents, delivering high quality and deadlines.

We frequently translate IT, marketing, legal, medical, financial, technical, and engineering documents. We provide translation services to both individuals and companies worldwide.

What languages do we translate?

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We provide translation services for over 100 language pairs. We always take an effort to find and engage most qualified translators, who have wide experience in a particular field, advantaged pricing and excellent references.