We use Alisa TMS – a very useful and intuitive automation tool – for project management and communication with our translators and customers.

What is Alisa TMS?

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Alisa TMS is a cloud-based program for project management and process automation in translation studios like ours. Alisa quickly calculates costs: updates rates for language pairs and calculates number of characters, words, pages, generating the total amount for customers. The application status is monitored at any stage of sale, so we have zero probability of losing the application due to required fields built into the system, such as “next step” field. Customers can upload their own templates to create order faster. Online project management program ensures an efficient load distribution between staff and remote employees. This allows us to close the project in time at minimal cost. This program for translation agencies has a financial module that provides the ability to account for smallest incomes and expenses. We can make payment to translators, control the advertising budget, and track the receipt of funds. Alisa TMS allows us to see all financial statements and track KPI growth.

Why do we and our customers need automation?

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CRM for translation studios helps manage potential customers from a “cold call” or a request to transaction completion or re-sales. Alisa TMS has a convenient customer profile where clients can provide their contact information, view order history, and check general price list.

Project management for translation studios allows us to create a summary report on the activities of our company with one click. Integration with translation memory makes it a convenient service for freelance translators and staff members. The system supports integration with our phone numbers, newsletter, and our website. To optimize the routine processes of executive managers, program for translation studios fixes the call, automatically calculates the key indicators from acts, invoices and receipts based on templates.

Translation Management System

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Alisa TMS allows us working with the database of translators, sort them by rating, monitor the quality of translation, and evaluate orders on the auction system, which allows us to choose the best “translation quality – cost of work” ratio. Using without a license is the main feature and significant difference of this platform.

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