We always seek to deliver high quality in all our translations, making sure that we meet all needs and expectations that our customers have. We engage only the best translators and editors, who work hard, under the supervision of your dedicated manager, in order to ensure consistent use of terminology and quickly apply any changes based on your input.

Whenever justified translators and editors furnish their questions to our customers, so that we collectively can work out the best ways to translate rare terms and concepts.

How do we ensure quality for our translations?

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We always assign editors in order to make sure that the translation has virtually no inconsistences or ambiguous phrases. It’s important for us to know that you as a customer would just love the work that we deliver, that you see that we take an effort to assure quality and that we always make sure that we meet the deadlines.

After the first round of the translation is complete every translator, editor and project manager uses specialized quality assurance software such as Linguistic Toolbox to check the translation files against the built in electronic glossaries and also in order to eliminate any style, grammar, accuracy and terminology inconsistencies.

We recruit and retain only the best translators, who have excellent references, broad-based experience in translations with +5Y track record in your specified field. In addition, your translations are always edited by the best editors in your field. We never count on any past achievements and always “live in the moment”, evaluating the quality across every sentence of your translations.