Double Check of Your Translation to Assure Quality

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In translation industry, we use the term “TEP cycle”, meaning a cycle that includes translation, editing and proofreading. The editing stage includes reading and comparing both the original and translation, taking an effort to assure that the translation has not missed any important connotations. At the proofreading stage, a specialist reads the translation to make sure that there are no even minute inconsistencies. This stage makes sure that the translation is smooth and consistent.

Quite often, customers do not believe that editing and proofreading are important. It’s understandable. If a translator is experienced in the field, the editing might not be necessary at all. However, what is always needed is proofreading.

We can help you control quality for translations from other companies

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So, you can always ask us to proofread a translation from another provider in order to make sure that the translation is of a required quality. This helps us to get a guarantee that the other company has delivered the quality that was promised.

Please request a quote in order to find out about the prices that we would charge. We take into account multiple factors, when calculating the price for proofreading and editing services, so we don’t have fixed prices, but rather calculate them specifically for individual projects.