When Value Is Not Always Money

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How is marketing translation different from other kinds of translation such as technical, legal and medical translation? How can brands identify and overcome the risks and challenges of translating marketing copy for global campaigns?

Most translated marketing material is quite poor because it lumped in with more general copy and processed in bulk. This is a bit like taking your top line promotional materials or brochure and printing them on your most basic black and white printer or photocopier and sending that to your client. Without fail, poor translation of marketing copy leaves a negative brand impression in the same way that bad presentation (photocopied brochure) does.

To avoid such mistakes, marketing translation should sound as if the translated text was written by a native speaker of that language. And here transcreation comes to the fore. This linguistic process implies a cultural and stylistic adaptation of the original text for the local market, in which all of the local cultural realities are taken into account.

What Marketing Documents Do We Translate?

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We translate a wide range of various marketing documents, including the following:

Product presentations

Brand descriptions

Sales campaigns

Web-site content

Advertising campaigns

Promotional materials